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Hi! I'm Jae

My name is Jae Joi Wingfield

My parents saw fit to place at the center of my name

The principle that has become my central focus in life

The principle that has helped me discover my identity
and purpose

The way I’ve found peace in the chaos


My name is Joi

Spelled with an “I” and not a “y”

I believe my parents spelled it that way to be cute, but I’ve
found so much power in that single letter


In the English language I is one of very few letters that is a
complete word all by itself

It’s the only one that demands the respect to be capitalized


It was in this name, Joi, signified by the letter I

That I found the strength to stand as an individual

Even within my dedication to family as a daughter, sister, aunt, and mother

My journey to live a life deserving of that name, led me to discover the importance of self

As a woman, untethered to anyone else


And now I live my life every day

Determined to give this world the best me there is

To share the gifts God has blessed me with, and the talents my parents nurtured

Learning from everyone and every experience I encounter

Duplicating the process that made who I was, who I am, and who I will grow to become


I am Jae Joi Wingfield.

It’s nice to meet you.


Our Mission

Joi /’jOI/

: An enduring state of well-being and contentment, fueled by the awareness that “I am powerful!”

The mission of Joiful Living Group to provide our clients with the tools and skills necessary to take control of their work, home, and personal life in order to experience the happiness and peace that comes from living a Joiful Life! 

Why Trust Me?

With over 20 years of education and training experience, I possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in strategic thinking organizational change.

I have always been driven by a strong desire to serve as a catalyst for everyone with whom I work to uncover and develop their individual passions and talents. 

My passion for, background, and training in psychology, mindfulness, and leadership help me to be a responsive and supportive coach and trainer. My strengths-based approach to coaching helps to empower my clients to create the personal and professional lives they've always wanted.

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